Harassment Gang

Stop Sexual Harassment

One of my favorite projects while working at Jellyvision was the sexual harassment training product I worked on. We found that the tone of many existing products was rather dry, and employees were unlikely to find the content engaging. They also frequently reinforced gender stereotypes and made generalizations about situations employees may find themselves in.

After a lot of meetings and walls covered in post-its, we settled on a friendly tone, acknowledging right away that harassment training isn't the most fun you'll have at work. We were also careful to remove overt representations of gender and race, so as not to bias the user.


Designer, Illustrator


Writer/Director—Megan Manley
Animation—Yoshi Sakaguchi
Sound—Jason Knox
Media Production—Austin Heller
Voiceover—Paloma Nozicka


Landing page

This clip shows a portion of the final experience.


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